Джон Малкович, который в сериале играет Папу Римского, оказался в жизни атеистом

Джон Малкович, который в сериале играет Папу Римского, оказался в жизни атеистом

Next week starts the first of a series of one of the most anticipated series 2020 “New dad”, the second season of “the Young Pope” from Director Paolo Sorrentino.

The script of the second season, the cardinals travel to England in search of a new Pope, after the former was in a coma. Cardinals by all means agree with sir John Bennekom at least temporarily to engage at a senior post. In the result, John becomes Ivan Paul III, that this character was played by John Malkovich.

The actor admitted that he didn’t hesitate even a second and immediately agreed to the role, not knowing who he will play, and that he would have to do. It turns out he had long wanted to work with Paolo Sorrentino. And after got into the hands of the script, I realized that he was lucky twice, because he was wonderful.

Very interesting was the fact that Paolo knew in advance that Malkovich would agree to the role, therefore, introduced the previous Pope in a coma. This turn of events was not originally in the script.

Journalists asked John whether he was playing the Pope theoretically. What Malkovich said with humor: if this happened in reality, it is likely that most Roman Catholic of the congregation refused to attend the Church. For these words, an actor has a justification, he believes that in this world there are far more people who deserve this post. “I’m not the person that would listen to God,” admitted John.

However, Malkovich would gladly have agreed to be a true Pope, because it is a very interesting experience, not even considering the fact that it is in the life of a complete atheist.

Celebrity believes that absolutely anyone believes in a miracle, and that miracle for someone else is a God, but for someone the Universe. The fact that the actor does not believe in God does not mean that concepts of the Holy and what is permitted for him there. Also John said that the Holy concepts for him are: human spirit, natural beauty, a variety of art objects and the history received by an individual over many periods of existence.

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