Кэти Прайд живет в маленькой комнате над салоном красоты

Кэти Прайд живет в маленькой комнате над салоном красоты

41-year-old British singer and model Katie pride in 2019 was one of the wealthiest women in the country. Now, however, she is forced to live in a small room, which is located above the beauty salon of her best friend. Why babe Kathy was forced to leave his huge mansion and move to live in such conditions?

2019 for pride was not the best in life, and perhaps even worse. Her hideously disfigured by plastic surgeons, the scary face of the former model had spread the news of show business worldwide. She also broke up with her lover, a man for driving while intoxicated the woman was denied a driver’s license and in the end she still went bankrupt.

In a recent interview, the celebrity said that this year was very difficult for her and at the moment she is experiencing a rather mixed feelings. It seems that this is all very unfairly and she didn’t have to go through this test.

Also in her Instagram account, she appealed to his followers on New year’s eve, saying that he was going to become in 2020 happy again. Unfortunately, to meet this year, she was able in a small apartment, or rather the room of her friend. After Kathy was completely without substance, a friend politely asked her to temporarily live in this room.

A huge mansion in the UK, which belonged to the pride, was borrowed in 2014. Of course, every month for Katie came from the Bank account, but pay is not going to. Expected celebrity, unknown. At the moment, its debt to the Bank is 800,000 pounds.

Because the Bank filed a lawsuit against the singer, passed trial and Cathy declared bankrupt. A huge mansion, which consisted of nine bedrooms in itself, unfortunately departed at the disposal of the Bank. After this decision, a mother of five children appeared on the street, however, came to the aid of a friend.

According to the insider, pride does not fall into despair while looking for positives in the situation. She loves that every day she can use the services of professional make-up artists and stylists of the beauty salon, and even absolutely free as well wash your hair with expensive tools. Temporary housing celebrities is an hour drive from the school in which enrolled her five children. Incidentally, at the moment, the singer did not comment on the location and residence of her children. Journalists also haven’t managed to find out where the heirs of a celebrity.

And we can only wish Katie a quick recovery after so many consecutive failures. Hope to see the singer in the same images on runway and stage.


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