Хоакин Феникс отправился спасать свиней от смерти сразу же после полученной награды

Хоакин Феникс отправился спасать свиней от смерти сразу же после полученной награды

19 Jan 2020 was held on 26-th annual ceremony of awards of Guild of film actors of the USA, which was invited by Joaquin Phoenix. The actor came to the event as a nominee for “Best male role”, and left the winner with a statuette in his hands. The award brought him a major role in the film “Joker”.

After the ceremony, Joaquin Phoenix went on a protest on the protection of animals in Los Angeles. The ceremony of awarding the screen actors Guild was held in a magnificent hall of the famous theater, but the event is for the protection of animals passed in a regular slaughterhouse.

The evening of January 19 to the slaughterhouse brought a few hundred pigs, animals had to score the meat, but the protesters did not allow them to touch. To attend the protest, Joaquin gave a waiver to all organizers of the party this evening, to which he was invited as guest of honor.

Together with the rest of the animal actor was feeding the swine, giving him water and stroking. By the way, to the slaughterhouse he was in his famous tuxedo from Stella McCartney. It is worth mentioning that the actor has decided all the Red carpet this year to visit in the same suit. And he does this in order to draw public attention to the rational use of clothing. As processing tissue very detrimental effect on the environment, changing the climate of the entire planet.

The event for the protection of pigs, Joaquin gave a short interview to the famous American blogger Jane Mitchell. The girl told his followers that very often notice the actor on such actions, and the celebrity is told why he does it.

The thing is, Joaquin explained that many people have no idea what torture and abuse subjected to the animals, producers of dairy and meat products. The actor saw that the horror with my own eyes, so made the decision this evening is with pigs. He assured that all ads which show happy and well-groomed life of animals on farms, lying and not shy. Therefore, his moral qualities do not allow to be silent, he does so because it has certain moral qualities.

Joaquin’m sure all those people who saw firsthand the suffering of animals, just have to shout it loudly to the whole world. People need to know the whole truth, and celebrities such as it, owe that truth to denounce the majority.

Actor many years of not eating meat and dairy products, that is located on a full vegan diet. At the moment this opinion had become his lover, actress Rooney Mara. Of course, Phoenix is in many animal protection organisations in the USA.

The actor attends a lot of protests and strikes. For example, the last action, which he visited, was held January 10 at the walls of Congress. Since the event was unauthorized, actor and all participants were taken to the police station.

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