Ариана Гранде уединяется на репетиции с одним из участников группы «BTS»

What a fun reunion! 22 Jan Ariana Grande spent some time with one of the members of the South Korean boyband “BTS”, rehearsing for a Grammy, but the fans could not help but notice that one of the band members of Cjh, is missing in the photo, which she published.
Ariana Grande diligently preparing for the upcoming performance at the Grammy awards, and she received a special surprise during a rehearsal on January 22! The singer went on my page on Instagram to share your picture with the guys from the group BTS, which she signed: “Look who I inspire to the rehearsal:)”. In the pictures of Ariana sitting next to guys in the front row, surrounded her. Some of the group members establish peace signs, while others smile. Ariana, meanwhile, shows his cutest facial expressions. Such a cute picture!

However, fans have not taken much time to notice that one of the members of the group “BTS” — Sugi, was not present in this picture! Fans began to worry, and even pelted with questions “WHERE’s YOUNG?” is trending on Twitter (Yoon-gi — Suga real name). It is unclear whether the Cjh attend the show, or is he just at this moment was somewhere else, when was this picture. In any case, the photo has attracted much attention of fans, including another singer K-pop, Yeri, which is a member of the group Red Velvet.
“I envy them, Ariana,” commented a photo of ERI. A few hours later, Ariana noticed the comment and replied, “I can’t wait to hug you again.” Interestingly, boyband “BTS” was not confirmed in a queue for a Grammy, but they reportedly perform “Old Town Road” with Lil Nas X, according to reliable information one of the American journal.
This is not the first time Ariana causes noise in Vendome BTS due to hangouts with the group. Back in may, one of the members of the group, Jungkook , attended the concert of Ariana, and the couple took a group selfie after the show. So cute!

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