Джессика Симпсон назвала причину своего алкоголизма: звезда подвергалась сексуальному насилию

Джессика Симпсон назвала причину своего алкоголизма: звезда подвергалась сексуальному насилию

In the near future the world will see the memoirs of a 39-year-old Jessica Simpson. Her work will be called “Open book”. In connection with the release of his memoirs, the star decided to give big Frank interview to the American edition. Jessica confessed that the book will be devoted to stories about how in her youth, she was involved in sexual violence. According to Simpson it all started when she was only six years old.

The celebrity admitted that once in their house at buddy’s parents and his teenage daughter. With his girlfriend she slept in the same room, but awoke to the fact that her father tickles her lightly on the back. After it has grown in adult public indecency. The girl received a great deal of stress and wanted to tell all the incident to his parents, but for some reason felt ashamed.

Jessica decided to tell about all her parents when she was 12. One day when they traveled by car around the country, sitting in the back seat Simpson told everything in detail to parents. The mother’s reaction was strange: she hit dad on the arm and said that he felt something was going on. His father said nothing, as he was very focused on the road. From that moment they never came to the house of his friend, and his family. However, the parents decided that talking with her daughter about the issue too will not be. Many years have passed, and the pain in the soul of the celebrity did not abate, so she found an outlet in alcohol and pills.

The singer has decided to quit alcohol you have in 2017, a direct party in his friends, which was dedicated to Halloween. She confessed to friends that he feels too much dependence, from which wants to get rid of. Told about incidents in his youth and felt this moment of herself as a little girl that really needs help. Jessica says to stop drinking and taking the tablets it was very easy. She had special therapy with professionals for a long time, twice a week. But most of all it motivated support and protection from family and friends.

In addition to books Simpson will release six new songs, which are also devoted to this subject. The singer hopes that her book and songs will help someone to understand that they are not alone in this world. Jessica admitted that it was a very difficult and emotional period of her life. She took all his pain that had been accumulating for a long time in the shower and turned into something amazing and beautiful. Therefore, a celebrity hopes that through her example she will be able to inspire someone on actions and improving their own lives.

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