Кортни Кардашьян снова беременна?

Kourtney Kardashian admitted that froze her eggs in case you want a fourth child. After the resumption of relations with ex-boyfriend Younes Benjiboi she made a surprising revelation about the pregnancy.
There’s nothing more I’d like Kourtney Kardashian so much, rather than to be a mother. Despite the fact that she has three children by her ex-boyfriend Scott Disick, she revealed in an episode of “the Kardashians” in 2018, what she did to freeze their eggs in case I want to have another child. Now that 40-year-old woman, it seems, is in a relationship with the once ex-boyfriend Younes Benjiboi, there is a possibility of birth of child number four. She posted a selfie to Instagram on January 22 in orange bodysuit with long sleeves, and a curious fan asked her if she is pregnant? The tummy Courtney was not quite flat, but it looks like she just had lunch before you do this selfie.

Her reaction was amazing. Instead of being offended, Courtney responded to the comment: “No, but I want to.” She wished that she was pregnant again!! Her fans too. User e.liz.a. beth5 wrote: “@kourtneykardash, make it so that you become a great mom again.” Savvy.marie said to her: “From @kourtneykardash another child”. Amazing the number of users agreed with the original post that Courtney was pregnant. The user veikinglady2 wrote: “@maiaaorlando I thought so too. I think her n Scott should go for another 1 …” Mmm, never mind the fact that he has a pretty strong relationship with Sofia Richie, 21.
Fan migz180 praised the Court for what it with such grace decided this deeply personal question: “@kourtneykardash Such a cool woman, most of them would be offended! You’re the best Courtney!” Once on the page, “Comments celebrity” was published answer Courtney, readers were furious that someone asks the question. elisabetasentebale wrote: “And what is its cause, even if she is pregnant? Rude to ask a woman about it.” Fan sam_alzanati commented: “People, seriously, stop asking women this question. Come on!! Small stomach gets a little chubby and boom, she’s pregnant”.
In the episode “the Kardashians” KUWTK from 2 December 2018 Courtney did not hold back their emotions because of the injection of hormones, which she did herself. “I just feel that it’s for security,” she said in case in the future want another baby. “I hope it’s all worth it. I don’t want to expose my body to something. Emotions about all of this is simply not to describe.” Courtney also admitted in an episode of KUWTK in October 2017, that she is ready to have another baby with Scott to all of her children had only one father. “I feel that I would have another kid from him,” said the Court, although at the time she was with Younes.

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