Jijikin is going to marry his ex-wife alibasova

Жижикин собирается жениться на бывшей жене Алибасова
Last year it became known about the novel a popular actor Igor Jijikine and ex-wife Bari Alibasov Jr. Olesia Romashkino.

Жижикин собирается жениться на бывшей жене Алибасова

The pair hid their relationship from the public, often published pictures.

Fans noticed that Igor cherishes her beloved, trying to make her happy.

Recently the actor spoke with reporters and admitted that he is very serious about its relations with Olesya.

“As for his personal life, today I am not the one Muse that inspires me, gives vital stimulus, the name is Olesya. To leave we’re not going anywhere, we are in Moscow as well have something to do. However, we both love to travel. We’re not married yet, but I love and intentions I have the most that neither is aggressive,” – said Igor.

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