Gleb Drunk: “I’m completely crazy”

Глеб Пьяных: «Я абсолютный псих» The presenter is raising five children, helping his former wife and builds a home. “StarHit” interviewed well-known showman Gleb Drunk, famous thanks to the program “Maximum”. More recently, the TV star can be seen in cooking show “Battle of the chefs”.

      Глеб Пьяных: «Я абсолютный псих»

      Several years after closing the program “Maximum” Gleb Drunken appeared in unexpected roles – he now leads the culinary program “battle of the chefs” on NTV and looks not on us, the real one. “StarHit” learned what “scandals, intrigues, investigations” occurred in his personal life Gleb for a while, while he was in the air.

      Gleb, you have agreed to be the host of the show about food?
      Глеб Пьяных: «Я абсолютный псих»In the political kitchen in Russia it is this stability that I realized that it’s time to think about eternal – the real kitchen. I never went crazy on the topic of food, but our program began this combat cooking, I’m gaining. Now apply carefully to all processes in the country – even to the cooking of the sauce. Only in the “Battle of the chefs” on NTV on Saturdays it’s blowing up. And Yes, the wish came true. Now I know what a demi glace, but you are not. He almost never cooked. Only roast meat and fish on the coals. By the way, after closing the “Max” I did not disappear from the ether altogether: three years led the transfer of “Anatomy of the day” and filming documentaries.—
      You the father of many children. Like all time – and work, and attention to offspring to pay?
      Глеб Пьяных: «Я абсолютный псих»I just do everything quickly. No problems to deal with their own children, I have not. Otherwise, why I gave birth to them? I like kids. Many people think that journalists live in a crazy schedule, but it’s a lie. We have the time. Much worse for the guard, who needs to sit 12 hours.—
      Tell us about the children. What do they do?
      Глеб Пьяных: «Я абсолютный псих»From first marriage I have two sons and a daughter. Ivan is 24 years old and Stephen is 23 years graduated from universities and work. Steve brilliantly graduated from the British higher school of art and design, so invited him to stay there as a teacher. Also took it to the Italian firm. Vanya works in a car company in the division “Promising products”, and comes up with plans that will be produced in 5-10 years. And Tanya, she’s 11 years old, studying in fifth grade, loves needlework. With his second wife Ales we are raising a son, Yegor, he is 6 years old and a daughter Ulyana – 2 years old. He teaches Chinese language, received the belt in a martial art of Choi Kwon do, is a hockey player. And Alaska the eyes, dancing. All the kids know each other, communicate well.
      Глеб Пьяных: «Я абсолютный псих»
      Why Chinese? Difficult Egor, I guess…
      Глеб Пьяных: «Я абсолютный псих»Do you think any country in 20 years will become a world superpower? China. In fact, he remembers these words and correcting me. Me sinologist figovenko. But I’m always interested him, what took place in the classroom.—
      Heard that your former spouse is not working and you keep two families. Is this true?
      Глеб Пьяных: «Я абсолютный псих»Natalia went to work like six months ago. But I continue to help. How else? Daughter studies English and goes to different clubs. All this costs money. And the farm is large. Apartment, country house of 300 square meters, which left them after the divorce. I’m sorry that left the family before daughter and ex-wife. Money – the simplest thing can give as compensation for what you’ve done. I don’t understand men who don’t help. With Natalia we have maintained normal relations.—
      Ivan and Stepan living separately from mom?
      Глеб Пьяных: «Я абсолютный псих»No. They, along with my mom and sister share a big apartment in Moscow. While the guys are not eager to secede and start his farm. They’re not married. I think that’s the reason.—
      You a strict parent? Belt can give?
      Глеб Пьяных: «Я абсолютный псих»The sons got older, Yegor, too. Always the case when taken out of yourself. And daughters and I soft. Apparently, this is the lot dad. But I can’t say that educate hard, rather liberal. Strictly is still, when not one thing more… I Have almost everything possible. And judging by what grown Styopa and Vanya, the system works. It is not necessary to arrange the barracks and paint each baby step.—
      How do you relax?
      Глеб Пьяных: «Я абсолютный псих»Travel mostly to Europe. I like to wander around ancient towns. To lie on the sea is boring, it is advisable to have something else. Here is Venice the place. But now few are abroad, I’m a galley slave. I have a cottage village, where I am a resident and a Builder, and owner. Here he is with me keeps.
      Глеб Пьяных: «Я абсолютный псих»
      By the way, about your home-Cuba. It turns out that you still the architect?
      Глеб Пьяных: «Я абсолютный псих»Since childhood together with his father and grandfather built cottages, made furniture. In 1985 was engaged in the planar painting of the avant-garde artist Alexei Tabachnikov. When I was about to build my first cottage twelve years ago, friend, artist Sergey Pechersky, looked at my sketches and threw the almanac of contemporary architecture. Since buying worldwide similar books. Home-cube, by the way, the best example of this architecture. In Rotterdam a whole street of similar buildings. In 2014, I purchased land and built a cottage village of the Storks 30 km from Moscow on New Riga. It houses ten different sizes, five of them belong to a friend of my father-in-law. He is an entrepreneur, two of the cottages have already sold. I own four, I C only one. He lived in a big cube.—
      Certainly in the warmer months, you like to sit with a glass of wine on the veranda?
      Глеб Пьяных: «Я абсолютный псих»Probably with a MOP. The snow melts, the dirt gets out, and I scraped. I’m completely crazy and workaholic. A glass of wine you allow yourself in that moment, when he came to state out. More than half a bottle in her throat. In General, while alive, is a rag in the teeth and figachit. I can wash floors, dust and wipe.—
      Well as romantic dinners with the wife satisfied?
      Глеб Пьяных: «Я абсолютный псих»I impress this person? Vaughn romantic houses built… that’s Enough.—
      You turn 49 years old on April 15. You are going to celebrate?
      No. It’s a good Saturday. Generally I do not like the feast in restaurants that suit conceited people waiting to be praised, even if not for that. For me all this useless talking shop – a completely intolerable situation. Perhaps that is why will not name. And I have to be quick about it. I long to sit on the chair. Better go bowling.