Джессика Симпсон ждет третьего ребенка
Fans congratulate the singer with the upcoming addition to the family.

Джессика Симпсон ждет третьего ребенка

Jessica Simpson


Fans of Jessica Simpson, was delighted with the news: she’s in again
“interesting position”. This information appeared in the media after the actress was photographed on the streets of new York in a silk mini dress unbuttoned and worn over a red blazer. Under the thin
the fabric of her dress in the “underwear” style
clearly “drawn” bulging belly respectable size. One
hand, Simpson is usually in shape, and on the other it has
spoke of his desire to join the family, so the reporters came to the conclusion that
she’s pregnant.

Jessica at the end of last year claimed that Simpson and her husband Eric
Johnson, who are raising daughter Maxwell and son ACE, are working hard
in order to conceive a third child. Besides the fact that they both love children, for them it is
became a way to forget about their experiences a family crisis. Some
a while ago Jessica suspected her husband of having an affair
with the nanny of their children. In retaliation, she allowed herself a little flirt with johnny
A Knoxville, with whom she already had an affair in the past. However, Eric and Jessica have managed to overcome all their problems and make peace.

Recall that Simpson and Johnson, who began Dating in 2010, played
a wedding in the summer of 2014, in Santa Barbara. By the time they have already
to acquire their two children. Jessica’s marriage to Eric was the second.
Before that it was 4 years married to actor and musician Nick lashe, marriage with
who was childless.They broke up after the divorce, Nick said he
just happy that he and Jessica left offspring. She called their marriage “a big mistake”.

Jessica Simpson with her husband and children

Photo: Instagram @jessicasimpson