Джессика Честейн может сняться в фильме по мотивам игры «Tom Clancy’s The Division»

The star of “Interstellar” and “the Martian” – Jessica Chastain is prepared to cooperate with Jake Gyllenhaal. As Variety reports, Jess and Jack could star in the film adaptation of the popular video game “Tom Clancy’s TheDivision”. At the moment, the project has the working title “Ubisoft Pictures”.

The game is a shooter, which takes place in dystopian new York after the epidemic of variola. The main character, the agent of some organization, Strategic Homeland Division, which is struggling with criminal groups and trying to find the source of infection. Only for the first five days of release, The Division earned more than $ 300 million because of the adaptation of the creators are hoping to receive not less cash.

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