Элизабет Бэнкс сравнила Дональда Трампа со своей героиней из «Голодных игр»

Heroine actress Elizabeth banks in the franchise “the Hunger games” to many cute. Charm image is added as unusual images, and the carelessness with which she lives and her job.

Who plays EFFIE Trinket recently admitted that she is not happy with his character and even called the person in real life, whom she resembles.

According to Elizabeth, the candidate in US presidents from Republican party, Donald trump has with the Trinket a lot in common.

Combines these two cruelty and isolation from the real world, the dependence of ostentatious, crazy wigs and performances from the boring speeches.

“I don’t usually talk about Donald trump anything like that,” said the actress. But this is too much. And I’m ready to do it now. Trump’s campaign has been so focused on the money. Some of you know me from “the hunger games”, where I played the role of EFFIE Trinket – a cruel, detached from reality television stars who wears crazy wigs and burst into long speeches about the cruelty. When I last week watched the scene in Cleveland, I thought: “Hey, that’s my character”.

Note that banks are not the only Hollywood celebrities who are campaigning against the Donald. The position of Elizabeth supports Meryl Streep and many others.


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