Дженнифер Лопес раскрыла секрет своей стройной фигуры
Star came up with a cunning way to avoid overeating in the evenings.

Jennifer Lopez

Photo: @jlo Instagram Jennifer Lopez

In his recent interview with
Your Fitness, Jennifer Lopez spoke about his
the invention, allowing the 47-year-old singer to keep the figure, which may
envy 20-year-old girl. As it turned out, Lopez is controlling your appetite
and maintains the muscles in shape with the help of special protein
developed in accordance with her wishes.

First of all, Jennifer
shared their diet, providing her a graceful figure, “Every morning
I will begin with a protein shake my favorite company. The second portion
drink at lunch on request. But the main trick is dinner. Because, as
well you know all girls who are on a diet, it wakes up in the evening
“ravenous appetite” for dinner, I will drink another glass of protein
cocktail and it helps me a long time to get rid of feelings of hunger. Besides,
this cocktail is an excellent food for your muscles!”

But the “thin waist” Lopez
of course, not only limited to dietary tweaks. Since
Jennifer leads an active concert activity, and during her performances
have a lot and very vigorously move, Lopez trains every day in
hall. But as said the singer, the main thing — not to overdo it.” “After each
workout I will allow myself to rest, to regain strength. And,
of course, ensure to sleep at least 8 hours a day!” explained Jennifer.

The last time Lopez
especially watching not to overdo it. Indeed, in the current
while she fulfills your concert residency in Las Vegas, in the hall at Casino Axis, providing as much as 40
show singer. By the way, Jennifer speech
are extremely successfully. Recently it became known that Lopez has already broken
the record also serving Vegas Britney Spears. Only one night on the view
Jennifer sold tickets for $ 1 million!