Кейт Уинслет впервые будет сниматься у Вуди Аллена
The Director has removed their adult daughters to the film festival in Venice.

Кейт Уинслет впервые будет сниматься у Вуди Аллена

Kate Winslet

Photo: Legion-media

James Belushi

Photo: Legion-media

As it became known, soon will start
shooting a new, yet-untitled movie woody Allen. The main roles
the project Director was entrusted to James Belushi and Kate Winslet. Kate will be shot
in the film, Allen for the first time. Though the actress had long wanted to work with Allen, her
the desire came true only now. In the past Kate was once very close to
becoming a member of his team, if it even managed to approve in the main
the role in the movie “Match point”. But due to different shooting schedules, the actress had
to abandon the role, and she’s got Scarlett Johansson.

The script of the film
Allen, as he often does, is strictly classified. We only know that the Director intends to recreate at Coney island amusement Park in such a form as it was in the 50-ies of the last century. Between
by the way, woody was once shooting a film here — “Annie Hall”. This happened
in 1977, when it worked, “roller coaster”.

To work on a new project
Allen will start in September when I’m back in America festival in
Venice. Woody came here for a reason, but for the sake of advertising his movie “the Secular
life,” which premiered this spring at the Cannes film festival. But
Allen decided to combine business with pleasure, and at the same time to take in Venice and all his household — so they can have a little fun. In the end, the 80-year-old woody has arrived
the festival in the company of three ladies — his 45-year-old wife soon-Yi and two
adult daughters — 16-year-old Mansi and 17-year-old Bechet. Both girls are adopted
children of the Director, he adopted them, together with his wife.