Дженнифер Лопес призналась в любви к Дрейку

Relationships Jennifer Lopez and Drake are so complex and intertwined that to understand what’s going on inside this pair we are desperate. It seemed that the artists like to be in the company of each other, but last week it was secretly announced that they had broken up. The reason given was two – not matchmaking tour schedules, which Lopez and Drake just once to see, and the recognition of Drake that “his Queen was and still is Rihanna.”

It’s confusing…very much so.

But at the ceremony, Grammy Lopez added fuel to the fire and admitted to Drake love.

“Of course I love Drake! He’s a wonderful, talented, amazing! We recorded the song and we like spending time together. I have a huge love for this boy,” said Lopez. Despite the fact that the word “love” is of great importance, netizens believe that Lopez was talking about Platonic feelings and more about the love of Drake as a colleague and a friend.

By the way, what song is it? Did Roman artists were just a PR move? Again we cheated…