Evelina Bledans has changed his principles and decided on a boob job

Эвелина Бледанс изменила своим принципам и решилась на пластику груди

Actress Evelina Bledans repeatedly said that we should accept your body the way it is. The star is strongly opposed to plastic surgery, because of the recent transformation of cleavage Bledans has caused all the confusion. “I am against silicone and wear what we have. And two strong guys on breastfeeding for me is much more important,” — said more recently, Evelyn.

Long to deny and resist, the actress still did not and admitted that she really went under the surgeon’s knife. And all because of the white jerseys…

You heard right. Just Bledans “I imagine a white shirt, which I will go. And finally a dream come true for Directors, who all his life asked for to wet t-shirt on me. I previously answered: “the Meaning of this t-shirt if I have a bra with pillows?” Now I will be in a wet t-shirt cut. Seduce all men,” whether in jest, whether seriously said Bledans.

The actress said that does not shy updated her bust because she’s not the only one who ventured into surgery: “Breast made virtually all. I used to think that they have the nature of this beautiful bust. But it turned out that all my friends have done the chest. I’m the last of the Mohicans.”

By the way, when Evelyn turns fifty, she plans to pose for a men’s gloss. Apparently, 47-year-old Bledans began preparations for this shoot now.