Julia Roberts gained weight

Джулия Робертс набрала лишний вес

Problems in personal life of Hollywood actress Julia Roberts has led to the fact that the star of “Beauty” began to rapidly gain weight. Lately, the celebrity has gained at least twenty pounds. And all because of the fact that seizes the parting with her husband Danny Moder.

Джулия Робертс набрала лишний вес
Paparazzi caught Julia at her house in Malibu, and I barely recognized her as a star of the screen. Usually slender, Roberts rapidly gaining weight.
“Julia snapped after I broke up with Danny. Since December, she gained 43 pounds, and absolutely ceased to stick to a diet where you been the past few years. There is all she does from morning till evening. When children go to school, she is at home. watches TV and eats, eats, eats. She orders a lot of food at home, including desserts and pizza,” said the insider.

Recall that in early December, after fourteen years of marriage, Danny moved from his wife with children in the neighbouring house on the same street than the officially marked their parting. The couple have three children – twelve-year-old hazel and Phinneus. and nine-year-old Henry.