Дженнифер Лопес на премьере «Начни сначала» в мини

Jennifer Lopez continues to amaze with its beautiful figure and athletic skills. This time the star decided to showcase the gorgeous legs on the red carpet of the movie premiere “Start again”, in which she played the main role.

Дженнифер Лопес на премьере «Начни сначала» в мини

In California premiere of the film in which Jennifer Lopez starred in the title role. The actress played the role of a girl Maya, who is trying to find a decent job without higher education at a prestigious University. She’s trying to prove to everyone that the experience and talent of a person is much more important official papers! Suddenly life is turned on its head and Maya has a second chance to prove to the world that she is worth something!

On the red carpet in Los Angeles Jen were fantastic! But the film raises such an important topic as the search for work in a prestigious age. Most Jen will soon turn 50, but looks 20! The actress showed off the beautiful figure in black fishnet mini dress with a full skirt and white collar, which combined with black suede bottomtime heels.

Not inferior to the star and her colleague in the film Vanessa Hudgens, who played the girlfriend of Maya – Zoe. Vanessa flaunted before the public in a pink mini-dress from Giambattista Valli with a lace top with a plunging neckline and voluminous sleeves.

Recall a recent interview J. Lo, in which she told about the wedding with Alex Rodriguez and his age! From March 2017 Jennifer is Dating baseball player Alex Rodriguez. Therefore, in addition to creative ideas, Ellen decided to ask the singer about their relationship. She jokingly said that was texting Alex. He allegedly wrote her about my desire to take Jen to wife. The singer replied with a smile: “He didn’t say that”. But Ellen did not retreat, “So when are you getting married? Together you look so happy! Can you do this on Christmas?” But the second time the singer did not succumb to provocations and said that he was happy in the relationship with Alex and really likes it.

A leading decided to start a conversation about a sensitive topic of age. Jen herself is not worried because of the approaching birthday, when she turns 50! It feels great and young. “I try not to think about it and concentrate on how I internally feel. And I feel young, full of strength and energy. Maybe someday it will change but for now it is.”

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