Карди Би подтвердила развод с отцом своего ребенка

Cardi Bi put in my instagram profile post, which talked about the divorce with the Offset. This news could not cause the appearance of numerous articles and investigations, because the couple recently born baby kalcher! Many thought it was just a failed joke, because the singer did not seem upset, and soon completely removed the ill-fated post. But it seems that the divorce was real.

“Many have tried to learn from me. You know, I tried to maintain relations with the father of my child for very long. We are good friends and business partners, he’s always there with me, we love each other. Between us a long time nothing happened, and no one is to blame, I think we just outgrew our love. We’re not together anymore. Divorce takes some time, but I will always love him because he’s the father of my daughter,” said cardy. And the clip, the singer signed: “That’s all. Peace and love”.

First, insiders told the publication PageSix: “last months it was not a real relationship, only business.” Now the singer has officially confirmed the divorce on one of his concerts. She did it very original. During the song MotorSport at the concert in Chicago, the singer changed the words in the text of the track.

“I scored on the fight
I made Offset,
The next day, said to him:
“Yes, we are getting a divorce”” (original: “Dude, we should sell it to porn”).

Well, the divorce turned out to be true, but the Offset seems he did not understand what happened. On Twitter he wrote that insanely misses KARDi.

Recall, the soloist of group Migos was previously arrested because of tinted Windows in the Atlanta area. During the search of the car was found a pistol. According to rumors, at the Offset also was charged for drug possession.

The rapper was arrested for the first time. In 2016 he was arrested for driving with an expired license, and in 2015 during the concert for possession of weapons and drugs.

But Alkalis Almanzar (real name Cardi Bi) in the past worked as a stripper and was going to dance to 25 years of age, receiving a stable income. Glory caught a star in 2015, when she became the heroine of the show “Love and hip hop”. Instagram account stars began to gain subscribers. Two years later, the singer released the track Bodak Yellow and received recognition. In 2017 for the first time in 19 years the most important music chart in the world the Billboard Hot 100 headed girl rapper, prior to this record belonged to Lauryn hill. However, not all believe that the success of the Cardi Bi honored her talent.

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