Дженнифер Энистон скучает по «Друзьям»

Actress Jennifer aniston, known for her role as Rachel in the Comedy series “Friends”, gave an interview to InStyle magazine. In the interview with reporters, aniston said that she misses the show and colleagues.

At the time of filming the first season of “Friends” Jennifer and her colleagues Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry and David Schwimmer were just 20. The stars had no idea what lies ahead. “When you’re 20, you’re on your way into the unknown, constantly thinking about the future. Time flies very quickly, and you don’t know, achieving something in the end. And when you get older, I want to be here, now, just enjoy life. I would love to slow down time”.

“Recently on instagram Courtney has published an old photo of us all on the plane. The picture was taken before the show aired. I wasn’t even aware that this is happening to me” — nostalgic actress.

As told to Jen, just shooting the TV series has helped her become more confident. The actors became close friends, and Courtney Cox, the actress still considers her best friend. “I really miss and love all with whom we worked on the creation of the series. To have a job that brings joy, is real happiness”.

Jennifer misses not only the series, but at the 90-m in General. As she says, then the people were liberated and less susceptible to public opinion. Also she misses the fashion. “I still love Maharishi pants, which were very popular in the 90s. I Have had many pairs of different colors including the most favorite: orange with embroidery in the form of a dragon. Now I only have one pair of these pants.”

Just recently Jennifer and Courtney rested together. With their vacation, by the way, involves a nasty accident. Jennifer decided to celebrate the 50th anniversary than one day! The star took girlfriend Courtney, ordered a private plane and going to Mexico. However, on departure from Los Angeles (CA) to Cabo San Lucas (Mexico) the plane urgently returned. The reason for this decision of the crew was the failure of the chassis.

According to the pilot of a private plane, with a failure to land on the territory of Mexico is unsafe!


By the way, to one of the parties Jen in honor of the birthday came, her ex — brad pitt. At that time, as the stars of the music world received Grammy awards, Jennifer aniston is celebrating a birthday. 50 years old star of TV series “Friends” decided to celebrate on the eve, in the company of old friends, relatives and even former lover of brad pitt!

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