Белла Хадид и The Weeknd расстались из-за плотных графиков

As reported by the Western media, 22-year-old Bella Hadid and 29-year-old Abel Tesfaye broke up. The lovers spent together little time, which again ended the relationship.

“They are now in different places — both physically and spiritually. Bella is preparing for the fashion weeks, and Abel is busy with his music and upcoming acting debut,” said an insider to the portal E! News.

According to the insider, things the couple recently was not. They were fighting and decided to leave, but I think that it’s not the end of their relationship. “They hope that, perhaps, is again able to be together, but right now I want to focus on themselves and their work.”

Fans are upset, and in fact, the pair even moved in! Rumors that Abel invites Bella to live to his new York apartment, which he rents is about 60 thousand dollars (about 5 million) per month in Greenwich village, began in late October last year. The insider claims that the couple were still together: “She felt it was the next step in their relationship, — said the insider, They terribly miss each other when separated, and madly in love with each other.”

The relationship of Bella Hadid and The Weeknd began in the spring of 2015, after the musician asked the model to pose for the cover of his album Beauty Behind the Madness. The pair had been Dating for a year and a half. Soon The Weeknd came out with his new sweetheart —singer Selena Gomez. But ten months later Selena has reunited with the canadian singer Justin Bieber. The Weeknd realized that they now have nothing to do and even removed all pictures with Selena from his Instagram.

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