Дженнифер Энистон призналась, что переживает тяжелый период
The actress is outraged by the brazen invasion of her privacy.

Jennifer aniston and Justin Theroux


Jennifer aniston had to make several important statements
regarding his family life and his childless status.

“I’m fed up with endless
gossip about my situation — in the literal and figurative sense, — says the actress. — First I
should have been ashamed of the divorce. Then I have tirelessly tried and shamed for
unsuccessful attempts to find a new husband. Got married and my marriage again became
literally dissect. I finished off the discussion of my Breasts and nipples — want
so I began to be ashamed of! The invasion of privacy has passed all bounds! But
it’s not about me or in me. The sad fact is that women, for various
reasons are not mothers, do some rogue like would deprive them of their rights
generally be considered adequate. It’s insanely unjust and shameful practice, the consequences of which I feel on the skin. Know only one thing: I’m tired to be a constant character in a soap Opera. Refuse to be a butterfly impaled on a needle as unhappy, sad person because of the lack of a child! We are a full-fledged personality with a husband or without, with or without a child”.

When pitt recently received from the “adulterer’s” Angelina Jolie turned down, all began, rubbing his hands, waiting for the reaction of aniston. Not wait. But her husband Justin Theroux has publicly made his wife a compliment: “Many in her place would long ago have broken down under the action of all the stress that she had experienced. But not Jen. And I’m very proud of her restraint. I have cool!”

Jennifer has admitted that he is very grateful to her husband for support in this difficult period. “Want to know why in my eyes he is the Right Man? Justin I always see and hear, I feel adored, no matter what state I am or he is. Not that I have anything — neither inside nor outside, is that I’m ashamed, afraid to show it”.

The full interview with the actress here.