«Он не раз говорил, что однажды его убьют»: дочь Майкла Джексона выдвинула версию убийства певца

In a candid interview with the daughter of Michael Jackson Paris put forward the version of murder of the singer, and also told about psychological problems, attempted suicide, and rape.

Paris Jackson (Paris Jackson), 18-year-old daughter of American singer Michael Jackson (Michael Jackson), who died in 2009, gave an interview with Rolling Stonein which he said he did not believe in the death of his father from natural causes. “He has repeatedly said that one day he would be killed, says Paris. — It sounds like a conspiracy theory or complete nonsense, but the real fans and all family members know it.” The girl also added that her father’s death wished “many people” and that she wants to find the culprits.

Michael Jackson died in 2009 at age 50 years: then Paris was eleven. The girl failed to come to terms with the loss of a father: in an interview with Paris admitted that not once tried to commit suicide. “I felt worthless and believed that it is not worthy to live, — said Paris. — I had to cope with his depression and mental trauma, not getting any help”.

so it’s been 6 years & every day has been hell without you. i miss you more than anything, tickle bunny. hope you’re hearing all of my prayers from up there… i love you to infinity & beyond.

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The situation worsened after the rape, which the girl had experienced in 14 years. “For me it was a very difficult test. I never told, and still not ready to go into details. It was a complete stranger much older than me,” said Paris.

To cope with depression and psychological trauma the girl helped the treatment in a therapeutic school in Utah. Now Paris feels better and dispenses medication. “Happened to me the worst that could happen. So I, I think, will now cope with all. But the father is with me all the time — he comes to me in dreams, and I know he’s somewhere nearby,” the girl says.

Paris is not the only child of the king of pop. The girl is his older brother Prince Michael I (Prince Michael I) consolidated and Prince Michael Jackson II (Prince Michael II).