Не бей любимого: как звезды пережили домашнее насилие Elena Ksenofontova, remembered for the TV series “the Kitchen,” admitted the social network that has become a victim of aggression by the former employee. “StarHit” has decided to remember who of the celebrities had to deal with the inappropriate behavior of men.

      Today Elena Ksenofontova shocking, revealing the true causes of the rupture with her husband. The actress revealed some details of their life together, remembering that she still feels awful. The woman admitted that Alexander, about the breakup which became known at the end of last year, repeatedly beating her.

      “Exactly a year (more than 25 sessions!) I tried to prove that in no way to blame that I did not, and he attacked me and I just defended myself. It had everything: plenty of witnesses, including the one that was in the time of the conflict in the house and seen with my own eyes, as he sat on me and twisted arms; my fixed a beating in fracture clinic, medical examination, confirming beatings, the report of the district, etc. But in vain,” admitted it on the page in a social network.

      The actress was supported by many other women who also are familiar with this problem. “StarHit” remembered famous women who were victims of aggression by men.


      Many years ago, he was regularly subjected to aggression by the ex-husband Alexander Shulgin. According to the artist and her children, the man controlled her every move. When the star decided to get a divorce with her husband, he stalked her. The eldest of the children of Valeria Anna Shulgin also recalled how he forced her to obey him in all things. “I was very afraid, all that I felt all my childhood is fear,” said the daughter of singer.

      Children of Valeria first started talking about the violence of the father


      Her first husband, Jasmine was the owner of the Metropolitan network of restaurants “El Dorado” and “La gourmet”, as well as the construction business in Sochi Vyacheslav Semenduev. With him, the artist lived for 10 years. Over a long period of time, the star chose not to talk about the fact that her husband beats her. However hide it has become impossible after the singer was taken to the hospital with a concussion and other injuries.

      According to the artist, throughout their joint lives the husband was violent towards her. She endured his beatings, because I was afraid of public exposure. After the media openly talking about the behavior Semendueva and his cruelty, Jasmine filed for divorce.

      Angelica Agurbash

      A few years Angelica has lived with a man who regularly showed aggression. The actress even gave birth to his son. But at some point, the singer realized that her patience ran out. She decided to speak publicly about how Nicholas taunted her.

      “In 2012 I divorced my husband and was debunked just because of the violence. Our relationship could not last, because living with him was dangerous. I was silent for the family, kept, but make the regular bullying… One day he crossed the line. Now, several years later, I think that it was necessary not to leave it just like that – had to go to the police and take a beating, to put him behind bars for several years. In the end, when he started threatening me, trying to take my parental rights to the son of Anastas, was forced to act. Thinks of everything, after consulting with family, I made a neat intelligent statement to the press. This was a necessary step to save herself and the child. Of course, immediately fell comments of fans and haters. Most supported: “Angelica, soak it! He must answer for the crime!”

      Catherine Arkharova

      About the scandalous divorce of Catherine Ancharovoj Marat Basharova and told the entire country. The former spouses have become the guests of airs. They formalized the relationship in June 2014, and the fall of the media talking about the fact that Basharov brutally beat his wife. As told to Catherine, he caused her some injuries that impacted her health. We will remind that from-for a beating Basharova Arkharov received vision problems, bruising to the face and multiple cuts on his hands. Marat apologized to the former spouse for what he did and swore eternal love. At the moment, they do not communicate. Catherine arkharova: “I dream to be healthy and happy”

      Rose Sabitova

      TV presenter rose Sabitova disappointed in men. The first marriage of the famous matchmaker was happy with her husband Michael. He died of a heart attack. With her second husband Sabitova much less fortunate. He repeatedly beat her. Yuri did not admit his guilt. My husband even noted that “in Russia they beat the women, so nothing wrong with that”. Aggression ex-husband Sabitova told in one of the television.

      Yuri apologized to Rose some time after the breakup. “I had no right to humiliate Rose in disbelief. A few times I suspected her of infidelity, cursing, all of it was unfounded. But most importantly, I want to apologize to Rose for his infidelity. I was out of line. Is lust a sin”, – told ex-husband.

      What the law says

      By the way, in the second reading the state Duma approved the draft law on decriminalization of the family beating. Now once the beatings inflicted by close relatives, will not be considered a criminal offence but an administrative offence.

      “These changes are logical, silly, that, damaging the health of a stranger you are attracted to administrative responsibility, and giving a slap to the son or nephew – to the criminal. But on the other hand, the amendment can untie the hands of domestic tyrants. Previously, they been holding back – stopped the fear of getting a criminal record, and now Bay don’t want to! However, to get off with a fine of 30 thousand rubles is allowed only once, for repeated physical abuse and can be planted… Especially rejoice in the changes fans of to build wives working in law enforcement or in state organizations. They’ve feared that the habit to use force in the home with their job hunt, and now the green light! Domestic violence can be different: hitting a woman and she is silent, or no finger is touching, but she’s bluffing to annoy the wife,” the lawyer Sergei Zhorin said, “StarHit” the situation.