Ирина Старшенбаум порвала с вредными привычками
The star of the movie “Gravity” was forced to revise his rules of life.

Irina Starshenbaum

Photo: STS

Irina Starshenbaum admitted that for the title role in the film by Fyodor Bondarchuk “Attraction” she had to change many things in my life.

To grow into the role, she even for a few months changed her usual routine. “Usually at night I often read books, watched movies and fell asleep about five in the morning, — said the actress “7 Days”. But, starting his work in “Gravity”, was to go to bed before midnight, early in the morning went up and did yoga, spiritual practices. Understand that I have a difficult shoot and you will need a large reserve forces. Moreover, in the “Attraction” I’m almost all the stunts without the help of stuntmen, even when falling from a multistory building on a rope”.

Irina has also revised the diet. At the time of filming she deleted from personal menu all fat and sweet (although previously the mood had allowed myself a piece of cake). Began to eat mainly dishes prepared on pair, and cereals, and asparagus, and broccoli, and Chinese cabbage, and spinach or vegetables in raw form. And only during dinner after shooting could order a salad with arugula, tomatoes and cheese. Abandoned beloved coffee and switched to tea with lemon or thyme, mint or chamomile. And if she said shooting her episode in the second half of the day, she refused lunch altogether. “A well-fed person look different, relaxed, explained Starshenbaum. — Probably, the artist, and the artist must be hungry to make look spectacular”.

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