Бывший муж Кейт Уинслет тайно женился
New novel Director of the James Bond series ended with a wedding.

Бывший муж Кейт Уинслет тайно женился

Sam Mendes and Kate Winslet


The Sam Mendes — directed two successful films about James bond (“Skyfall” and “Range”) — has surprised everyone. It became known that he suddenly decided to join the new
marriage. And, almost no one knew about not only his upcoming
wedding, he even that he got engaged with his beloved.

Although the official representative of the Sam is not yet
made any official statement on this, the information confirmed
the priest, who had spent the ceremony in the Cathedral of St Michaels & All Angels
London. He testified that he had married 51-year-old Sam with 38-year-old Alison
Balsom. And before coming to the Cathedral, Mendes and his fiancee officially
and according to the rules, register their relationship. For Sam his marriage to Balsam was the second
marriage. Prior to that, he was seven years husband of Kate Winslet, who bore him a son Joe,
who is now six years old.

Sam Mendes and Alison Balsom


Rumors about the new novel, Mendes appeared in October of last year. And in November 2016 Sam for the first time
officially came out with his girlfriend — he was her companion during
visit Buckingham Palace. Then Allison, a virtuoso playing the trumpet, composing
serious music and dealing with the enlightenment, was awarded the Queen
Elizabeth of the title “Dame” for their humanitarian achievements. With
then Sam and Alison met, without reference to his novel unwanted
attention. Some time ago in some foreign mass media appeared information,
they began to live together in a rented house in Dorset, where Alison introduces
Mendes to his hobby — yachting. And so it ended in a shotgun wedding!