Дженнифер Энистон и Брэд Питт восстановили дружбу после развода благодаря Кортни Кокс

Дженнифер Энистон и Брэд Питт восстановили дружбу после развода благодаря Кортни Кокс

55-year-old American actress Courteney Cox, most delighted when he saw the warm embrace of Jennifer aniston and brad pitt backstage at the awards ceremony. Moreover, the world could not see these lovely and friendly relations, if once upon a time Courtney not reconciled ex-spouses. It turns out that she played an important role to Jen and brad began to at least talk, after severe emotional divorce.

According to the insider, Courtney just couldn’t face the hostility of his best friend with an ex-spouse. Her biggest dream was to see Jennifer, who never ceased to love pitt, again communicates with the actor, at least as a friend. The former couple reconciled, thanks to coke when the time came, she wrote brad new phone number of his girlfriend.

After in a network there were photos from the ceremony Guild awards screen actors where brad and aniston’s sweet embrace, Courtney broke down and began to like these shots. The couple had been married for almost five years, but unfortunately got divorced. Pitt began his relationship with Angelina Jolie before the divorce was officially terminated.

After a painful divorce the spouses are not communicating with each other. But Jennifer was always complaining about Courtney that misses pitt and would be happy to maintain friendly relations. That’s why when Cox collided with brad at the party, she decided to give the actor a new phone number of his girlfriend, saying that she would not mind to hear his voice. Originally the actor for a long time could not tune in to this conversation. And after he wrote the first text message, so the former spouses started to write messages. Once brad had the courage and called Jennifer, from that moment began their new friendship.

According to the insider, Jennifer’s for many years could not forgive pitt for the fact that he so quickly changed it to another. He cried for a long time and kept those emotions. After their reconciliation, brad apologized for his actions before the actress and admitted that should have waited or at least not to go public.

Now ex-spouses can even laugh at the failures in their personal lives. At the ceremony, when brad joked in the address of Angelina, Jennifer also laughed and listened to him with great inspiration.

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