Старшая дочь Билла Гейтса объявила о своей свадьбе

Старшая дочь Билла Гейтса объявила о своей свадьбе

The eldest daughter of one of the richest people on the planet bill gates is getting married. Jennifer gates this year will be 24, she is a graduate of Stanford. The girl had given interview in which has told that is engaged to her beloved Nael Nassar and very soon they get married.

Offer hands and hearts for Jennifer was a great surprise. The fact that this winter she Nael went on vacation to the mountains. Skiing, Nassar stopped the girl and among the mountains and snow suddenly gave a ring, and with it the proposal to have a life together. Jennifer so didn’t expect such a turn of events that fell in the snow and started to cry from happiness. This moment she shared with her followers on Instagram.

The girl signed photo very romantic. She told fans that Nael one of a kind people. She was very emotional and nice to ring in this place, as it means a lot to her (she did not specify why). Jennifer promised the beloved life to live together, learning, developing, and most importantly laughing. Of course admitted the future spouse in love.

Nassar, in turn, became silent and also posted a photo with such a meaningful day. He said that Jennifer told him the long-awaited “Yes”. Only now he feels the happiest man on the planet. Nael admitted that thanks to the daughter of bill gates, it every day now seems like a magic dream.

The young people began their relationship a few years ago and from the first moment has never hidden this fact. They met in the same Stanford where Nael graduated from the faculty of Economics and management. Lovers also combines hobby — horse riding. They are doing the sport since childhood.

Famous parents Jennifer of course thrilled for her daughter, but so far has not commented on this news.

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