Джакса Тейлора словили на горячем в стриптиз-клубе: что об этом думает его жена Бриттани Картрайт?

JAX Taylor is awaiting an apology from his opponents who claim that he lied to his wife Brittany Cartwright because he spent the night in a strip club during a recent episode of the American reality show “Vanderpump Rules”. View his fiery tweets to followers who called him out after the airing!
JAX Taylor wants critics argued your facts before you point a finger at him that he had visited a strip club during his bachelor party. During an episode Tuesday night on the reality show “Rules Vanderpump” cameras followed JAX to the strip club in Miami and showed that he seems to enjoy a landscape that includes a view of the Topless dancers. However, fans argued that he had not told his wife Brittany Cartwright the whole story of what happened at the strip club.
“My brother-in-law bought me a lap dance that lasted 3 minutes and I was in a strip club for three hours, and of course they were going to watch a show on the stage, but I was wondering only 3 minutes”, 40-year-old Bravo star wrote on Twitter on Wednesday, January 29.

Джакса Тейлора словили на горячем в стриптиз-клубе: что об этом думает его жена Бриттани Картрайт?
Actually, JAX told Brittany she invited him to go to a strip club with the approval of the lap-dances. The only stipulation which it has put forward was that JAX can’t enter in any private room, he explained.
“Have you seen the 30-second clip of the night that lasted for hours, you only know what you saw, stop judging this movie, you have zero idea what you’re talking about, you don’t know the whole truth,” continued JAX. “If you are watching a football game, but the game was nothing, the next day they let down one end, they will only show the final score and not all the boring 4 hours of play … same thing with a talk show with Andy Cohen “Watch what happens” live. Works the same way.
While Brittany had previously approved that JAX can be the stripper on her bachelor party, when he talked to Brittany’s after the party, its history, seemed to have several gaps.
“Last night we went to a strip club, I was so embarrassed that I couldn’t get into it,” said JAX Brittany during the episode on January 28. “I was the only one of all the guys who had girls next to me.”

However, the camera caught a few a different story. JAX, it seems, enjoyed the company of the Topless dancers and at some point even joked that “going to leave Brittany tonight to one of those girls”.
Meanwhile at the bachelorette party Brittany broke down after the club in Miami where she held parties, hung out a sign saying “don’t do that, Brittany”.
“People keep telling me they don’t like JAX, they don’t like us together as a couple”. Despite the drama, the two tied the knot in Kentucky in June 2019.

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