Jeanne Epple has needed another operation

Жанне Эппле понадобилась еще одна операция
The actress has again found problems with the eyes.

Photo: Instagram

Last year Zhanna Epple revealed problems with the eyes. Not by postponing treatment, the actress decided to have surgery.

“I’m not afraid of old age. Think so much about it that it is not fear, confessed, then, Epple. — I will just live through all the peeling and swelling, pulling and sediments. The varicose veins and hypertension, hair loss and yellowing of the nails. But I miss that then I wouldn’t be able to work as an actress. Old actress no one needs… Today I did surgery on eyes. Diagnosis: hypermetropia of a weak degree, presbyopia of both eyes, PHRD right eye. Performed prophylactic laser coagulation of the retina”.

After that, the actress had to go with glasses. Her before wasn’t the perfect vision, and now — without glasses or contact lenses she could not do. Epple and decided on a complete vision correction. She long chose the clinic and the doctor who could trust, and chose one of the best centers for eye surgery, which is located in Kostroma.

“Now I see everything!” — said Jeanne joy with their fans.