Vasily Utkin has left for a new job

Василий Уткин вышел на новую работу
The TV presenter joined the team of TV channel “Friday!”.

Vasily Utkin

Photo: Press service of “Friday!”

In the new season of “Friday Morning” to the team’s most successful
Internet bloggers will be joined by sports commentator Vasily Utkin.

C 18 Sep leading morning show with the team’s most popular fashion experts,
make-up artists, food bloggers, coaches and fitness trainers will share new
lifehacks and tips on how to start the morning, so every day was perfect.

In “Friday Morning” will be new sections
and leading them, one of them will be Vasily Utkin. Culinary page
“Utkin apples” is the author’s view on tested recipes, flavored
portion of excellent humor.

“When I was asked to conduct his own cooking segment on the show “Morning
Friday”, but this idea struck me
interesting. And it’s not even in the title column, and that I really
I love to cook. Although the last time I cook and eat much less
why even have lost 95 pounds, the habit well and truly
delicious food I have left, and I periodically indulge yourself with delicious dishes and
come to me friends, says Basil
Utkin. — In this category I will share
their favorite recipes that will surely be appreciated by spectators, and
definitely, their husbands and friends. It could be dinner, maybe lunch
day off – anything. The important thing is that
it’ll be delicious!”

In addition, in the second season
morning show on “Friday!” of the spectators waiting for: heading “Morning bachelor,” in
which is absolutely every girl will be able to go dinner with the stars and bachelor, contest spectator cakes from the famous “star”
pastry chef Renata agzamova.

The spectators will also appear
the opportunity to win a participation in any category of the program, a visit to the Studio of “the Morning
Friday” and even full “a perfect day” in the framework of the project, which will begin
with a delicious and healthy Breakfast in the company of one of the food bloggers, and
over at a merry party, along with leading project — Masha and Iacovou
Leroy Dergileva!