Jealous wife of a neighbor started a conflict with Anna Sedokova

Ревнивая жена соседа затеяла конфликт с Анной Седоковой
The singer struggles to cope alone with a small child.

Anna Sedokova with his son Hector

Photo: @annasedokova (Anna Sedokova Instagram)

Anna Sedokova sometimes fans complain at how difficult it was for her we have one with three children, the youngest of whom is only seven months. The singer is very happy when he meets his the ways of men, ready to give her some help, though in everyday terms. Recently the artist made a flight from Spain to Russia. In the plane Anna met with a very courteous neighbor in business class. After landing, the man, being a gentleman, helped Anna to take with a stroller and two kids on the bus.

And it would be great if for this act the husband has not received a public “scolding” from his jealous wife. Spouse selflessly assistant Anna gave the bus a nasty scene of jealousy, which Sedokova were deeply impressed by. Anna responded to the attacks ladies.

I have a this point, the stroller had and got my finger – was so painful and I just feel so bad for all the female kind. At what point the pursuit of a man deprived this woman of kindness and understanding, and remained only in her stupid veil of jealousy at 6am and as the same need for a man to hold her, to yell at him when he the woman with a stroller helps? — surprised Anna. I don’t like angry women who shout, yell, attack. Once they bought the Aero in the morning and as such men live? Seriously? How can you live with a woman who nags you? Yells at you in front of other people… Why?”