Pregnant Galina Yudashkin has refused to change their way of life

Беременная Галина Юдашкина отказалась менять привычный образ жизни
Daughter of fashion designer, despite the “situation” continues to work hard.

Galina Yudashkin

Photo: @gyudashkina Instagram Galina Yudashkina

Galina Yudashkin has long been accustomed to a crazy work schedule, frequent travel, preparation for fashion shows… All of that is exhausting for any human being, what can we say about the girl in the “position”? Recently worried fans asked Galina if she’s going to slow down the pace of work in the near future? For now, she had to be very careful about your health.

Yudashkin admitted: she just can’t sit at home doing nothing! She needs to realize themselves professionally. Therefore, it will not change a habitual way of life. “Many are surprised, as I’m pregnant, so still in China flew as much as 9.5 hours?! Yeah well, a lot of energy, a lot of work, pregnancy flies by quickly the most boring to sit at home doing nothing!” — said Galina.

We will remind that Galina hide her pregnancy from almost half of the period and officially announced it on the birthday of his famous dad last month. The first child of Galina — son Anatoly was born in the States, so it is possible that for the second baby (or baby?) Galina will travel to the same clinic.