Джей Зи впервые признался в изменах Бейонсе The rapper shared the problems encountered in marriage with the singer. In a recent candid interview with Jay-Z spoke about the data that received wide publicity. According to the artist, he and his wife were on the verge of divorce because of his infidelity.

Once Beyonce introduced the album Lemonade, she gave fans a reason for lively discussions. The actress spoke about the fact that a loved one was unfaithful. Many have called the record a confession of a woman who survived the treachery, and made accusations against her husband Jay-Z. The rapper added fuel to the fire, releasing disc 4:44. In it the artist asked forgiveness of the second half.

Until recently, Jay Z refrained from making any comments to journalists about the current situation. Only in late November in an interview to Western publications artist for the first time broke the silence and announced that he indeed had marital problems with Beyonce. According to Jay Z, his past still makes itself felt. It struck the man injured, causing the star it’s hard to be honest with loved ones.

“Sometimes you have to survive. When you switch to this mode, you close your emotions from everyone, even from women. You cut contact with them. You can’t open and find a common language, because they feel themselves so… In my case it was more serious. And that this is treason,” said the rapper.

Jay-Z shared that he and beyoncé decided to write songs to Express their emotions. The couple used creativity as therapy. Art has helped celebrities to recognize relationship problems and overcome them. Jay Z has hinted that he was on the verge of divorce with Beyonce.

“We were in the eye of the hurricane (although it may not be the best word to describe the situation because so many people have suffered as a result of natural disasters), where better to feel the pain. It was uncomfortable, but we talked a lot about our problems, – said the artist. – You know, I am very proud of her [Beyonce’s] music, and she feels the same way towards my album. Most people break up and get divorced because you can’t see yourself. The most difficult thing to realize that you’re hurting man.”

Speaking to reporters, The New York Times, Jay Z did not say who changed Beyonce. Fans of the star couple suggest that the rapper was having an affair with “Becky with the cool hair”. This description of the competitor can be found in resonance album beyoncé Lemonade.

We will add that this summer in the family of the rapper was replenished. Beyonce gave her husband two adorable twins – Sir and Rumi. A month after the happy event the star has published the first picture of the kids on social networks. Photo of children Beyonce and Jay-Z has garnered over 10 million likes in Instagram.