Джаред Лето проиграл иск об оскорблении Тейлор Свифт

The end of 2015 was marked for Jared Leto the beginning of a new trial in which he was plaintiff.

The musician was suing website TMZ for the fact that he without his knowledge, published a video that shows Summer at its best.

The main asset of Jared was that the video allegedly was part of his personal archive and could not be made public if he gave the consent.

A small note: the video was filmed operator Naim Monatom.

After analyzing all the pros and cons of this case, the court came to the conclusion that Summer is in this case is not the injured party.

The district court judge dismissed the claim on the basis that in 2015, the Summer has not been the employer Munafo, whose video camera was shot, so the latter could do with the material anything.

We will remind, in the same video that was posted on the website TMZ, was seen as the frontman of the band Thirty Seconds to Mars listening to the songs Taylor swift does not approve of her art and openly shows his displeasure seasoning is profanity. Later, when the video was leaked to the Network, fans of swift against Summers, arguing that his action was low and has nothing to do with the concept of men. Jared made a public apology to Taylor, but still decided to punish the website, which he got in this unfortunate situation.