Джулия Робертс сыграет мученицу из родительского комитета

Oscar-winning actress Julia Roberts is preparing for a new project. The star of “Financial monster” was approved for the main role in the film about the head of the American Association of parents and teachers (PTA) Kelly Peters, whose reputation he tried his best to spoil one married couple.

At the moment it is known that the film will tell the story of a woman who was unjustly accused of “caring parents.”

Kelly Peters was forced to resign as a result of judicial process, started because of the original parents interpreted the statements of Peters their son. In the middle of it in the car, Peters found a bag of marijuana thrown a sore plaintiffs, after which she was arrested.

Five years it took to post the truth and clear your name Peters in the public eye.

For the suffering and unfair charges, Kelly was awarded compensation in the amount of $ 5.7 million.

In addition, Robert will perform the main role in the film, she will also be involved in the production.

At the moment vacancies of the Director and screenwriter.

Premiere date of the film not called.