Японская принцесса Мако и ее жених Кей Комуро отложили помолвку из-за непогоды

There is no bad weather, but not for Japanese Princess Mako and her fiancé Kay Komuro, which was to celebrate the engagement this weekend.

The ceremony had to be postponed until better weather.. conditions. Last Friday on the island of Kyushu, where they were to be engaged, raged the storm, the consequence of which was a devastating flood. A small village suffered the most, hundreds of homes were razrusheny, and people were left without shelter. There are also among the injured and dead. In light of these unfortunate events, the Princess chose to take their personal holiday, and to be with people in their grief.
For Japanese companies this decision of the Princess was a surprise, but many supported her and expressed their gratitude for the support. With understanding the decision of the daughter and her future husband, and treated the parents of the Princess.
Recall that the wedding of the loving couple will take place next year. For the sake of the man she loved, in whose veins flows the blue blood, she is ready to give up the throne and become an ordinary citizen.