У Бена Аффлека роман с телепродюсером Линдсэй Шукус

Jennifer garner might still not ready for novels, but her ex-husband Ben Affleck are ready to go forward. The parents of three children have experienced a family crisis, managed to maintain close and friendly relations but not love. Now each of them will have to re-arrange their personal lives and Ben has already begun to do so. In the Network all in the language of his new romance with the TV producer of the show “Saturday night live” (Saturday Night Live) Lindsay Sukus.

More recently, Ben was seen in the company of his wife (with whom they are in a state of divorce) and children. Together they spent America’s independence Day, as befits a normal family, but this weekend Ben brought out his new passion.
Lovers caught on a date in one of the restaurants in Los Angeles and insiders claim that they have a really serious full-time relationship.
“Between Ben and Lindsay is more than just a flirt. They love spending time together, care about each other. The novel began recently, but none of them want to hurry, not to make mistakes,” said a source close to Ben.
An interesting twist in this case is that Jennifer was aware of the beginning of relationship Ben and Lindsay. She is not jealous of wife’s new wife and wish them happiness.

It is noteworthy that the romance between Affleck and Soukous began in 2013, just a few months after Lindsay gave birth to a child. Sources claim that it was a whirlwind romance that also influenced the decision of Jennifer to divorce her husband-reveler. Now garner refers to this as the past incident, and prefers to look forward and not look back.