Жена «самого красивого преступника» подала на развод

How to get rid of his wife for one weekend. Jeremy Meeks, or as it is called, “the most beautiful criminal” for the second time this year will get freedom. As reported by the Western media, his wife Melissa filed for divorce after her blessed and the father of her two children was captured paparazzi on the white yacht in Turkey. There’s a former gangster, and now — model, passionately kissed the heir to a multimillion-dollar state Chloe green. The other woman was not enough that they wrote about all the world’s books, she published their joint photo on their page in the social network, signing it: “We appreciate your love and your hate.” On the eve of June 4, the man returned to America, but not to his home, and his sister. There with his eldest son and nephews Jeremy met independence Day, and the next day the prodigal husband came home.

A little after arguing on the doorstep of his home with his wife in the presence of her sisters, the Mix went into the room and continued the argument.
After Melissa decided to give an interview to one of editions, stating that the betrayal of a spouse for her was “stabbed in the back” and that their marriage with Jeremy is over.
In addition, the wife wonders how Chloe could do this, knowing that he was married and that his house, waiting for two children.
“I think it’s unforgivable. My world was turned on its head. What will I tell my children? My heart and soul razberi to pieces. I thought your marriage was perfect, I supported your husband in a difficult time for him, as he did with us.. Until I saw those pictures, I still hoped to save our marriage, but now there’s no turning back
Together they destroyed my life, life of my children. They did not think about how it will affect them, and I can not find a place. My children are blameless victims of someone else’s lust. These two did not hide his novel. It’s so humiliating and it makes my pain deeper..
We have already discussed our future relationship with Jeremy and came to the conclusion that our eight years of marriage can not be saved,” said Melissa.
The woman added that after his release from prison, her husband has changed a lot. Fame and money have changed him.
Recall that Meeks was jailed twice: in 2002 he received the ninth years for theft in especially large sizes, and came out of prison, back behind bars for illegal possession of weapons. Photo Jeremy spotted model scout, and Mix, as they say, woke up famous. After stormy he podpisal lucrative modeling contract.