Лидер группы «Руки вверх!» Сергей Жуков обвенчается с женой

The frontman of popular Russian band “Hands up” Sergei Zhukov and his wife Regina Burd, who gave him three children, decided to marry. The mystery of the husband and wife have invited only the closest relatives and friends.

According to the woman, obvenchatsya decision was not spontaneous. As it turned out, to this step, they still had to prepare because he was unbaptized. Just three years ago, Zhukov converted to Orthodoxy, and about the same time, they began to think about spiritual Union.
“First you couldn’t do it, because Sergei was unbaptized. It took Christianity three years ago. And we began to discuss that would be nice to be husband and wife is not only officially, but also before God. But my husband constantly touring, concerts… This summer favorite found time,” said Regina reporters.
The couple were married in the temple “Great Ascension” at the Nikitsky gate, where once we exchanged vows of eternal love and fidelity to Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin and his wife Natalya Goncharova.
Be preceded by the sacrament will be a three-day fast, communion and confession, but it is recognized Burd for them is nothing new, as kadue Sunday she and her husband and children go to Church.
After the wedding the couple had planned a small celebration in the circle of close friends and relatives.
We will remind, that Sergey and Regina have three children nick, angel and Myron, and the singer is the eldest daughter, Sasha, born in the previous marriage.