Jane Fonda spoke about his deadly disease

Джейн Фонда рассказала о своей смертельно опасной болезни
The actress said that is not afraid to die.

Jane Fonda


Jane Fonda upset their fans. During your interview, within the framework of the advertising company of the series
“Grace and Frankie,” in which she starred,
the actress said that seriously ill.

It all started with the fact that 80-year-old
Foundation appeared in the Studio with a medical patch on the lip and felt the need to explain it. “I don’t always look like this!” — said with a smile Fund. “The fact that I moved recently small
operation. The doctors removed the tumor from my lower lip, which was
malignant. I am hoping that all is healed to date.
Sorry it did not work…” — explained the actress, who still looks much younger than his age.

As stated by the Foundation, the message
that she was diagnosed with cancer, not put her in
despair. After all, she had already put a similar diagnosis earlier. In 2010, during
another examination, the doctors discovered she had a tumor in his chest, trapped
cancer. “I did not make a drama of it. Millions of women on Earth already
experienced it before me, and I’m just one of them. Besides, I’m not afraid
death. Of course, I hope to survive. But to die I’m not afraid…” — said
Jane. Held then the operation and subsequent treatment worked: up
recently, the recurrence of the actress was not. And now she’s hoping for