Тимур Бекмамбетов стал одним из кураторов Медиалаборатории Яндекс.Такси
The Director spoke about the movie-the space of the future.

Timur Bekmambetov

Photo: courtesy of the organizers of the event

Yandex.Taxi continues cultural experiments
and starts the all-Russia competition of scenarios “A” for short
movies about the near future. Make it a creative
tandems of the Director and screenwriter, as well as independent writers-Directors —
the winners will get the opportunity to film a script on the database and at the expense

For the implementation of the competition attracted eminent
producers from the worlds of film, among which Anna Kaminska (“Sinelab Production”),
Elijah Stewart (Hype Film), Artem Vasiliev (“Metrafilms”), Sergei Yakhontov (Stereotactic) and Timur Bekmambetov (“Bazelevs”).

“Right now
I am especially interested to tell stories that unfold entirely on
computer screens and phones, because it is there, whether we like it or not,
moves our life with all its dramas and comedies, romantic
experiences and detective investigations. We call this new language of cinema
screen life — says the Director. — I hope that thanks to the contest Medialab we find the authors of our
future movies in this format. And what a story to tell and in what genre
choose from romcom to detective, from mocumentary to sci-fi!”.

The works will take place on the site
Medialaboratorii and will last from 16 January 2018 16 April 2018. Scenario
must be written in the genre of realistic future — no stories about
zombies, vampires or aliens. Participants need to show a future in which
I want to be. The future, which was due today
technology, cultural trends, developments in science. And most importantly — each
history should be a taxi car – as a background or place

After 16 April the experts of Medialaboratorii
together with the editors of the IMDb (the strategic partner of the project) will choose 10
the best scripts. And in late April, the finalists will have to defend their
work in front of the five producers.

According to the results of the experiment will be five new
short films, music to which write young musicians, and in
the main roles will play a famous Russian actors. To see the ribbon winners
the contest will be online on the website of Medialaboratorii or on the channel
Yandex.Taxi in YouTube.

Medialaboratoriya Yandex.Taxi is a platform
for creative experiments with forms and genres. The first project was the release
digest of five short films that were shot young
Directors-newcomers: Daria Caruso, Dmitry “Husky” Kuznetsov, Ivan Plechev, Andrew
Zolotarev Sergei Povarnitsyn. Online premiere for the whole of Russia was held on 12
December on the website of Medialaboratorii.