Джейн Фонда призналась, что её изнасиловали

79-year-old actress Jane Forda long been a social activist and fighter for women’s rights. In an interview with brie Larson celebrity told why he was on the path of justice and why it is so desperately defends the rights of women victims of violence. It turned out that she herself suffered violence.

“When I was little, I was raped. When I grew up, I several times fired due to the fact that I refused to sleep with his boss, and, strangely enough, I always felt that the blame is I said something wrong, something wrong did.. I know many girls who have experienced violence, don’t even know exactly what happened to them” said Jane.
Who raped her, the Fund is not told – apparently those memories even after many years worried about it. Since 2001, Jane is the co-founder and active member of the organization V-Day, established the Centre for adolescent reproductive health in which she helps girls and young women, survivors of violence and find themselves in a difficult life situation.