Белла Хадид стала лицом косметики Dior, а Дженнифер Лоуренс представила новую рекламу

Bella Hadid continues its ascent to the Olympus of the fashion industry. In addition, the model takes part in fashion shows of international brands, she also becomes the face of well-known brands. Today it was announced that the youngest of the sisters Hadid named the new face of the cosmetics Dior.

The first beauty product brand that poreklamirovat bell to become mascara Diorshow Pump & Volume Mascara.

That’s what she tells Bella about his new appointment: “My first advert for Dior. It’s something unreal, magical, incredibly meaningful to me. It’s an honor to work with such brands, of which I once dreamed. That was my dream from a very young age. I’m still in shock.”

Note that becoming a member of the Dior family, Hadid has joined Natalie Portman and Jennifer Lawrence who are also brand ambassadors in different directions.

By the way, a couple of days ago was presented the new advertising campaign Dior Addict Jennifer Lawrence.

The authors looked at advertising in new ways, and now Jen appears not in the image of the gentle, sophisticated lady, and bright the rebellious girls.