Amal Alamuddin has put her husband an ultimatum

Амаль Аламуддин поставила мужу ультиматум

Children for Amal Alamuddin and George Clooney will definitely mark a new way of life. Wife of Hollywood actor, who likes having fun in the pub with friends, gave him an ultimatum: either the booze, or children.

If before pregnancy Amal and she could drink a glass of red wine with dinner, now nauseous even from the smell of alcohol. So Clooney will have to suspend the evening Hiking with friends in pubs.
Insiders claim that in recent years it has become the cause of quarrels between spouses.
“It’s no secret that George likes to drink, and making it through the night if not every night. Amal told him to stop it and change your lifestyle” — said the insider.
From Alamuddin that this summer, Clooney should give birth to twins, hypersensitivity to smells, and the scent of alcohol coming from the mouth of George not simply irritates her to throw it until vomiting. The actor himself is not too eager to agree with Amal, but he also no – too long-awaited for him are those children.