Джейми Кинг попросила оставить Джонни Деппа и Эмбер Херд в покое

Scandalous family showdown between johnny Depp and wife amber heard left no one indifferent. Unable to keep silent, and Jamie king, a longtime friend of Hollywood actor and an ardent advocate for women’s rights. Despite the dilemma in which she found herself, the actress has decided to Express his opinion and stated that it is “a very sick situation.”

“This situation makes me suffer. Look, I love johnny Depp. In one of my first movies he played my father. He taught me a lot and I really respect him. He is one of the most kind, generous and loving people I have ever met, a wonderful man, wonderful actor.
Sometimes, he watched the scenes that I filmed, but in which it was not. He watched, and then rehearsed with me. I was lucky to have such a mentor, especially early in his career. He taught me things, showed what it means to be professional and honest artist,” said Jaime. Well, the actress spoke about the wife of johnny.
“She’s incredibly light. I love her,” said king. The situation with amber’s statements about domestic violence and subsequent divorce was very upset and bothered Jamie.
“This is a very painful situation for all parties. People perceive it as entertainment, but it is not so: it is a personal tragedy two people. All we know was just a rumor, not his words, her words. We can’t go in the shoes of any of them, so we don’t understand what has happened to them. Maybe it’s time to just stop chasing them and let them deal with everything themselves,” said Jamie.

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