Джеймс Кэмерон поможет отыскать Атлантиду

The Director and producer James Cameron lives in the soul of the researcher. For anybody not a secret that filmmaker loves to discover new depths and to tell others about what hasn’t been communicated to them.

Today it became known that the Creator of “Titanic” is an exciting new project that will illustrate the history of the development and existence of the mysterious world of Atlantis.

It is known that a movie about Atlantis James temper the National Geographic channel. However, this time the Director takes to himself exclusively the producer’s responsibilities. At the moment we know that the project will be called “finding Atlantis”, and the search for those lost lands will be conducted in Sicily, Malta, Crete and Sardinia and in Spain.

According to the Director and producer, he was always fascinated by the search for historical and archaeological truth behind Atlantis. “Our research team will study several new theories about where was the real Atlantis, who were these mysterious people and what a disaster swept them from the face of the Earth three millennia ago,” said Cameron.

Recall that James Cameron told when we will see the sequels of “Avatar”,


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