Андрей Данилко выиграл суд у производителей кваса с Веркой Сердючкой

Verka Serduchka sued the manufacturers of kvass a tidy sum with six zeros.

Ukrainian artist Danilko, who owns the rights to created many years ago, the image of Verka Serduchka is not so long ago began the trial with a Ukrainian company engaged in the manufacture of kvass. Claim from Danilko to the company there was only one illegal use of the image of Serduchka in an advertising campaign for soft drinks. We are talking about the drinks “Verkin Kvass Classic” and “Verkin Kvass Hangover”.

In September 2015 Andrew sued. The trial lasted more than six months and ended with the victory of the artist. Now the company-manufacturer of kvass have to pay Danilko financial compensation for the illegal use of the image in the amount of 1.3 million UAH (about 4 million).

It is noted that the amount could be less if the defendant tried to contact Andrew and to resolve the conflict, so to speak, peacefully. But the company representatives felt that they do not need it.

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