Лиам Нисон шокировал своим внешним видом

Skinny and grizzled Hollywood actor Liam Neeson is not a joke alarmed his fans with his appearance. 64-year-old actor was spotted recently in Atlanta where is currently shooting a new film, “Felt,” in which he plays the role of the FBI and could be attributed to the dullness of the color of his face on the new image but not to mention the star of the film “Schindler’s List” was pretty thin.

Лиам Нисон шокировал своим внешним видом
Recall that the wife of actor Natasha Richardson, died unexpectedly in 2009, and since then, Liam never married.

Reporters asked the representative of the artist, if he is not sick and what caused such thinness, but the representative of Neeson rushed to reassure them and said that it was necessary for the role, and as soon as shooting ends, he will come to your normal weight.

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