Jamie Dornan in the teaser of the Thriller “the Ninth life of Louis Drax”

Джейми Дорнан в тизере триллера «Девятая жизнь Луи Дракса»

And all this Jamie Dornan manages! Famous actor, best known for playing Mr grey from the erotic Thriller “50 shades of grey” is removed and in parallel in other projects. So, today in the Network appeared the first trailer for Thriller “the Ninth life of Louis Drax” (“The 9th Life of Louis Drax”) and Jamie in the title role, loosely based on the eponymous bestseller by American writer Elizabeth Jensen. With Dornan in the film starred Sarah Gadon and Aaron Paul and the Director of the film was Alexander Azha.

Джейми Дорнан в тизере триллера «Девятая жизнь Луи Дракса»

In the film the psychologist Allan Pascal (Jamie Dornan) have to deal with a difficult and complex story of a boy named Louis Drax, which after a series of mystical occurrences were in a coma. While the police blames the incident the boy’s father (played by Aaron Paul), a psychologist tries to find the clue of the tragedy through interviews with the child. Plus, Jamie becomes indifferent to the mother of the protagonist, and this only confuses the situation. During the conversation with the boy the boundaries of real world and fantasy are blurred, and it will end can be found watching a film in the Russian hire on September 1 this year.

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