Модель Елена Кулецкая призналась, что отношения с Димой Биланом были частью пиара

A couple of Dima Bilan and Elena kuletskoy once considered one of the most beautiful in the domestic show-business. The most desperate fans of the singer lamented, that the heart is an idol they have not got, less radical female fans waited for Bilan will make a sweetheart offer hands and hearts.

Invitation married Kuletskaya did not wait, and in 2014 still became a married lady. However, this time the elected model was the Director of photography Stanislav Romanovsky.

May 15, the couple had a daughter, whom they named Nika.

Now that past bachelor life is gone, Elena can openly talk about the past, in particular about the novel with Mickey Rourke and Dima Bilan.

So, kolecka admits that the affair with Rourke and speech could not be, because his heart belonged to her neighbor. The girl didn’t answer the Hollywood star is back, and Elena was only my shoulder could cry to the actor: “One day, we both ended up in London together and went to GQ. Prior to this, Mickey has been seen with Russian model Anastasia Makarenko. And so, we took a picture together — of course, the press declared me his girlfriend. But we haven’t met, the relationship was not.”

With Bilan, the situation was much more serious.

“We remained friends as possible. In General, neither I nor my husband has no habits to preserve friendly relations with the former and continue to communicate. Sold means sold. We can once or twice a year to send each other SMS. I must say that no contract was not. Was this part of the story of PR — Yes, because any publication and to draw attention to the person is a PR and public relations. Just our relationship organically faded away, there was not even a specific point”, — said the model.

Recall that PR in this sense could be associated with the promise Bilan gave before Eurovision, they say, if he wins, then marries kuletskoy. The first place was still in the hands of Dima, but the engagement ring on the ring finger of Helen never appeared.

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